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Mysterious Paradise Team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a safe new year!

Mysterious Paradise Event 2018

On behalf of the entire Mysterious Paradise Team in Second Life, we want to give a big Thank You to everyone who showed support for the World Animal Protection organisation.

Together, we raised over 90,000 Lindens in what is only our 2nd event ever!
This brings 2018’s Grand Total to a little over 150,000 Lindens!

That money goes towards helping REAL animals in need around the globe including communities, farming, the wild, and disasters around the world.

Today we donated $454 Australian Dollars ($329 US after fees) towards World Animal Protection!

Proof of donation: Website, Paypal, & Email.

Photos of our event and more information on our flickr group.

We want to thank the following:

DJ’s: Brave (bravehart glenwalker), Balla (balla ditko), Bray (braytania), Brit (holly65), Omen (ravenzclaw), Mike (xmikehulkx), Dude (dudecansing), Cypher (enrg), David Steel (davidsteele), JaaJaa (JaaJaaMarie Philly), & SOOPA UGLEE (infinite.goodnight)

Host’s: Addi AshƖaƞd Majoяιs-ƒяay (addixxion), VampyrellaRose, Solgazer Kitora (solgazer.sittingbull), Karin Ditko (karin.kaestner), DAM DAWNIE Simunyé GARSIDE ™ (dawn.garside), Roxy ™ (roxrox14), MaRiE Marblenutz (marielosbabun), and Thick Stakz (thickerdenasnicka)

Second Life Community members, our Staff and Sponsors:

Thanks for helping make a difference!!


Kind regards,

Mysterious Paradise Management Team
Director: Glen (G13n Resident)
Second in charge: Jason (JasonT24)
Assistants: Tekila (tekila.vella), Awenbunny Lisle, and Ash (clashry)

Past events

Thank you everyone, who came to our Grand Opening & World Animal Protection Event in March 2018!

We are delighted to have raised $60,000L ($236 USD / $313 AUD) in donations to a fantastic cause!

Thank you Apple Fall, TLC, & everybody else for your generous donations!

Receipt of payment & Paypal confirmation.

All the animals are out celebrating with such great news!
They appreciate it!

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Glen – Director

Contact us!

Please send a detailed notecard to G13n resident inworld, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Thank you.

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