Mysterious Paradise

Mysterious Paradise was once a beautiful land dedicated to nature and wildlife that was freely open to everyone to enjoy; however, Mysterious Paradise returns annually to stage a charity event, dedicated to creating awareness and raising as much funding as possible for real life animals.

We host these events for our charity of choice, we are in no way affiliated with these organizations, but we do believe in their mission to help & protect animals.

100% of donations and profits go toward the charity organization, and all our team members, including the director, does not make any self profit.

We are completely transparent with how the money is donated by posting receipts on this website.


We apologise for the delay in processing the funding, as we had to deal with the new Tila billing system and process limits. We decided to split the funds in half because we can only process $999 per month, so without confusing people, we decided to donate towards the same organisation but different offices with the same worldwide goal.

United States of America: $864.50 USD has been donated towards ~ Proof of donation: Website, Paypal, & Email

Australia: $1,250 AUD has been donated towards ~ Proof of donation : Website, Paypal, & Email.

Please note: we had to pay a 5% ($45.50 USD) processing fee for each processing payment, and a $30 USD Conversion Fee from USD to AUD for the Australian Donation.




Media Team

Past Events

October 2018

On behalf of the Mysterious Paradise Team in Second Life, we thank everyone who showed support for our charity event.

Together, we raised over 90,000 Lindens in only our 2nd event ever! This brings 2018’s Grand Total to a little over 150,000 Lindens! That money goes towards helping REAL animals in need around the globe, including communities, farming, the wild, and disasters around the world.

Today we donated $454 Australian Dollars ($329 US after fees) towards

Proof of donation: Website, Paypal, & Email.

We want to thank the following:

DJs: Brave (bravehart glenwalker), Balla (balla ditko), Bray (braytania), Brit (holly65), Omen (ravenzclaw), Mike (xmikehulkx), Cypher (enrg), David Steel (davidsteele), JaaJaa (JaaJaaMarie Philly), & SOOPA UGLEE (infinite.goodnight)

Live Performer: Dude (dudecansing)

Hosts: Addi AshƖaƞd Majoяιs-ƒяay (addixxion), VampyrellaRose, Solgazer Kitora (solgazer.sittingbull), Karin Ditko (karin.kaestner), DAM DAWNIE Simunyé GARSIDE ™ (dawn.garside), Roxy ™ (roxrox14), MaRiE Marblenutz (marielosbabun), and Thick Stakz (thickerdenasnicka)

Second Life Community members, our Staff, Sponsors and Bloggers.



March 2018

Thank you, everyone, who came to our Grand Opening in March 2018!

We are delighted to have raised $60,000L ($236 USD / $313 AUD) in donations to a fantastic cause to real animals!

We want to thank all our Staff, including DJs & Hosts, SL community, and our sponsors.

For all your generous donations, and support.

Proof of donation: Receipt of payment & Paypal confirmation.


Team Management

Contact any of our team members to see how you can be part of the cause!

Glen (g13n)

Founder & CEO

Tekila Vella

CEO & Sponsorship Manager

Ash (clashry)

Blogger Manager

Lauriec (lauriec)

Stage Manager

Mysterious Assistants

Ditzy (moonpunk)

Team Assistant

Taj Nishi

Stage Assistant