About us

Mysterious Paradise hosts annual fundraisers to raise money for a real life charities to create awareness, protection and advocacy for real life animals.

We host these events for our charity of choice, and we are in no way affiliated with these organisations, but we do believe in their mission to help & protect animals.

100% of donations and profits goes towards our chosen organisation, and all our team members, including the director, do not make any self profit.

We are completely transparent with how all proceeds are donated by posting receipts.

See below for more details. 

Recent Event

February – March 2020

Thank you everyone who helped and supported our fundraiser!
Together we have raised $431.29 Australian Dollars, that has been donated towards Wildlife Victoria that help animals affected by the Australian bushfires.

We apologise we had to end our fundraiser earlier, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Proof of Donation
Processing payment Website / Paypal / Email confirmation / Email receipt

100% of all donations & profits have been donated towards Wildlife Victoria,
for more information on their organisation, please visit the links below:

Website:  https://www.wildlifevictoria.org.au

Any Questions, please contact us in-world.
Glen (G13n resident) or Tekila Vella 

Event Management


Founder & CEO

G13n Resident


COO / Sponsor Manager

Tekila Vella


Blogger Manager

Clashry Resident




JasonT24 Resident



Merriweather Resident

Past  Events

July – August 2019

Thank you everyone for all your hard work and support!

We have decided to split the funds in half because we can only process $999 per month with the new Tila billing system, so without confusing people, we decided to donate towards the same organisation but different offices with the same worldwide goal.

United States of America:
$864.50 USD has been donated towards
 Proof of donation:  Website Paypal, &  Email

$1,250 AUD
 has been donated towards 
Proof of donation Website Paypal, &  Email.

Please note: we had to pay a 5% ($45.50 USD) processing fee for each processing payment, and a $30 USD Conversion Fee from USD to AUD for the Australian Donation.


Designers & Businesses


October 2018

On behalf of the Mysterious Paradise Team in Second Life, we would like to thank everyone who showed support for our wildlife fundraiser event.

Together, we raised over 90,000 Lindens in only our 2nd event ever! This brings 2018’s Grand Total to a little over 150,000 Lindens! That money goes towards helping REAL animals in need around the globe, including communities, farming, the wild, and disasters around the world.

Today we donated $454 Australian Dollars ($329 US after fees) towards  WorldAnimalProtection.org

Proof of donation:  Website PayPal, &  Email.

We want to thank all our DJs, Live Performers, Hosts, Sponsors, Bloggers, Staff, and the Second Life Community for supporting our event. We couldn’t have done it without your support.