Mysterious Paradise

Mysterious Paradise

We’re excited to kick off our 2nd event this year to raise funds for the World Animal Protection organization that helps RL animals. W.A.P protect animals in our communities, farming, the wild, and disasters around the globe.
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During our 1st event, we were able to raise 60,000L thanks to the good folks at places like Apple Fall, TLC Animals, and of course generous SL residents!

Our goal this time is to top that, and that’s why we’re asking all animal lovers, like yourself, if you would sincerely consider being part of this great charity event.

The event will be held on a custom-designed sim that will open to the public Oct 22nd then close on Nov 4th, & the actual charity event date is set for Friday the 26th of October.

That said, 100% of all donations will go directly to World Animal Protection, and as before, we will send screenshots of my PayPal transaction and list it on our website just like our last March 2018 event.

We will have our usual jungle, beach, tropical ocean, MadPea Halloween Hunt, Shops, and more!

Hope to see you there!



Kind regards,
Mysterious Paradise
Management Team
Director: Glen (G13n Resident)
Second in charge CEO: Jason (JasonT24)
Sim Management: Ash (clashry)
Assistants: Tekila (tekila.vella) & Awenbunny Lisle

Past events

Thank you everyone, who came to our Grand Opening & World Animal Protection Event in March 2018!

We are delighted to have raised $60,000L ($236 USD / $313 AUD) in donations to a fantastic cause!

Thank you Apple Fall, TLC, & everybody else for your generous donations!

Receipt of payment & Paypal confirmation.

All the animals are out celebrating with such great news!
They appreciate it!

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Glen – Director

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