Mysterious Paradise Homes

General Information

You must be 18+ as this is an Adult sim, and all our homes come with adult furniture.

All furniture are all high quality from 2017 not from 2007 like most home rentals,
just to give you an idea all homes come with $1-5K very expensive furniture.

I tried to make these homes cheap in rental price but pure luxury for you to enjoy!
I do not believe in pose balls, and I’m always looking for top quality furniture!

We currently have our music set to UgleeRadio which is R&B / Hiphop.
Though we have a voting system tenants can vote for a station, as I cannot please everybody.

Each home comes with a TV that includes a menu which allows you to access a browser,
youtube, tumblr, 18+, Radio, and real t.v shows/movies.

You will have a lot of privacy staying with us and will be given access to a security orb
which you can allow, eject or ban people from entering your home.

Please read below for our rules and availability.

Our Rules

  1. I cannot change furniture though I’m happy to remove the bed so you can use your own.
    If you would like the house to be fully furnished or unfurnished please ask Glen.
  2. Sorry no refunds or breed-ables.
  3. Towards the end of your rent period, you’ll receive a message indication of your remaining time left with us, allowing you 15 hours to click on your tier box in which you’ll then add more time, otherwise when the time is up, you’ll get notified and be evicted from the group, the security orb and your furniture items will be returned back to your inventory without any further warning.
  4. If you are living at a “Mysterious View”, you will notice you have neighbors, please do not walk inside other people’s properties without their permission or place objects effecting your neighbors home. (You have full privacy so you cannot see each other.)
  5. Strictly no clubs, personal security orbs, traffic boosters, renting our homes with your own prices to other people, or placing items outside the skybox (scenery walls).
  6. You may create your own small business including a store but it cannot be creating a lot of traffic.
  7. If you have a scenery around you in a skybox you will notice you have a lot of rooms to build things, but
    please keep note on the other side of your home is another parcel, meaning you may add items here but if you have friends visiting they cannot see you on that side, and you will not have full privacy.
  8. If you need more prims for an event, or for a short period of time I am happy to add a little extra prims for you.
    There may be a fee depending on how many prims are needed.


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