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Looking for a place to call home? Come live in a paradise full of nature and relaxation.

Our homes are decorated with some of the highest quality furnishings and accessories found in Second Life, and prices have been determined by the interior size, its location within the park and its view.


All our homes come with:

– VEA3HD TV: This TV’s come fully loaded with movies, TV series, live cable, music video channels, karaoke, games, audio, and more!!
– Security Orb with full privacy of your home to keep away intruders.
– Homes are located on land so nobody can see inside your home, unlike a skybox home.
– Expensive luxury furniture without any pose balls.
– The ability to change the music stream.
– Sky Paradise is a personal paradise located in the sky which you can rez items on.
– Our homes are located in the Saint Sim with Mysterious Paradise, Lux Weddings/Lounge, and more!

We hope you enjoy your stay at Mysterious Paradise Homes!

Please contact G13n Resident for any assistance.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I check how many PRIMS I have used?

Click on your tier box and press prim count
This sometimes might take a while to refresh, so, if you’re in a hurry right-click an object you own, then click edit and hold the shift key, select all your items, and it will tell you how many prims you have used.

I have a partner or friend that needs a GROUP TAG to rez items.

Click on the tier box and then press tenants + add tenants.
They will be given a group invite and will be added to the security orb.

How do I change the STREAM?

Go next to your front door, and on the side, you will see a key.
Located inside the key, you will see a security orb and also a lyrics symbol.
Touch or right click and press touch on the lyrics symbol then select a station.
If you wish to add a custom stream, please contact g13n or Awenbunny Lisle

Having issues with your TV?

If you see a blank/white screen on the TV after clicking on the power button & screen, please follow the instructions below:
You will need to install two Adobe Flash Player Plugins installed for it to work correctly.
Go to https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ and download BOTH versions.
Once they are have BOTH installed, you must restart your computer.
If this still does not work, and your using windows go to control panel – Adobe/flash player – using the tabs check for updates – making sure both versions installed correctly.

Can I have my own BUSINESS inside a home?

You may have your own store/business, but it cannot have any of the following: Club, Animals Breeders/Farming, Traffic boosters (Lindo/Fishing/etc.), AFK, Chat loggers, Bots, or Advertisement signs that are displayed outside your home.

Can I use my own BED? or relocate the TV?

Yes, we can remove the bed, and we can also relocate the tv of you’re home.
Please contact G13n or Awenbunny Lisle

I PAID the tier box, but nothing has happened? Or I need another group invite.

Please wait for 3 minutes as sometimes a few moments to process.
If you need another group invite, you might be able to click on the tier box,
or if not please contact Awenbunny Lisle or G13n Resident

How come some people cannot access the teleport located inside my home parcel?

These teleports are only to be accessed by tenants added to your tierbox for complete privacy.

How come the security ORB isn't not working?

Make sure your security orb located on the side of your front door above the key is on
by clicking the security orb / white ball and pressing ARM.
The orb will give you a popup menu allowing you to allow, add, or remove these guests while giving a warning message to all guests not approved by the orb.

Am I allowed to use my own GROUP?

No sorry you must use our Mysterious Paradise Homes group as this calculates how many prims you have used, functions the security orb and many other settings.

Am I allowed to have BREEDABLES?

No sorry, we do not allow any breedables on our land as we believe it causes lag.

Am I allowed to have BANLINES?

We only allow you to use the provided security orb, but if you wish to completely ban somebody from your parcel/home, please request parcel ban by contacting either Awenbunny Lisle or G13n

I cannot place OBJECTS on my land

Make sure you are using the Mysterious Paradise Homes group tag and if it is already on try it again but in a different area of your home, as sometimes when you rez objects on a mesh object, it shows up with an error.

Can I rez objects in the sky or have my own SKYBOX?

You can, BUT only located in our Sky Paradise which you can access by standing next to your tierbox and pressing on the teleport. You will be teleported in the sky at height 3000.

How much time do I have till I have to pay RENT?

Towards the end of your rental period, you’ll receive a message notification of your remaining time left with us allowing you 42 hours to pay rent. If you need more time, please contact us or else when the time is up you’ll be removed from the group, the security orb and your furniture items will be returned to your inventory without any further warning.

Where is the SECURITY ORB located? What is LOCKDOWN?

The security orb is located above the sky next to your front door.
Lockdown means people will only be given a few seconds to access your home without your permission instead of normally it will be a 20-30 seconds warning before they are ejected.

Support Team


Glen (G13n)


Awenbunny Lisle

Please contact us in-world before using this contact form.

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