Mysterious Paradise

Sadly we had to close our paradise.

I want to thank everyone for supporting us.
I really hope you enjoyed my little creation, and hopefully, I will be back with another
paradise one day in the future.

Kind regards,

Glen – Founder

Mysterious Paradise is an adventurous place to bring a friend or loved one.

You may be guided by our tour goose, or walk along the bridges to visit various locations around our paradise.
Enter the mysterious building where you can find our secret mystic ocean, and swim in the tropics.
We offer home rentals and hidden cuddle spots throughout the paradise.

Mysterious Paradise will be updated frequently to make your revisit even more interesting.

Visit us today!
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Thank you everyone who came to our Grand Opening & World Animal Protection Event!

We are delighted to have raised $60,000L ($236 USD) in donations to a fantastic cause!

Thank you Apple Fall, TLC, & everybody else for your generous donations!

Receipt of payment & Paypal confirmation.

All the animals are out celebrating with such great news!
They appreciate it!

Thank you.

Kind regards,



Glen (G13n)

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Our Paradise

Secret Ocean

Enter our mysterious building where below you will discover our secret ocean!

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