Mysterious Paradise

Mysterious Paradise is currently being re-located!! We are re-designing the whole paradise, so please be patient! We currently have a beach, and playrooms open to the public.

Mysterious Paradise was developed in mid 2017.
We wanted to create a peaceful relaxing place for our second life community.


Glen (g13n)

Glen (g13n)

We currently have the following:

Ocean View Beach

Mysterious Paradise Homes


All our homes are currently being re-located, and re-designed.

Prices and availability coming soon!

Adult Roleplay Rooms 18+

You have the choices of a Japanese & School, BDSM Pirate ship, Winter, & Garden.

All our role play rooms have high quality furniture, with amazing animations to give you the best possible experience!

We have a lot of hidden cuddle/adult areas around the paradise, so keep your eyes open!

Click here to visit one of our discreet rooms!


Home & Garden


Japanese Class & Massage

Ocean Sea life

Our Ocean Sea Life has been fully redesigned and will be open to the public soon!

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